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Research & Development

Cost effective APIs, Dosage Forms and intermediates

Research & Development

Aspen Bio pharma labs have evolved from a reliable producer of Cost effective APIs, Dosage Forms and intermediates to a process-driven and research-focused company with an emerging global base.

The focus of our explore is on process research and development. Our analytical grasp up facility provides documentation and corroboration of test results as per ICH guidelines as well as consistency and classification of in-house reference standards.

Our laboratories are determined by the intellectual capability of a team of highly skilled professionals. Aspen Bio pharma labs primarily focus on development of new formulations with a purpose to introduce first-to-market products as long as expediency and enhanced patient fulfillment. We have been taking permanent initiatives towards technology incorporation, edition and novelty at our R&D Centre, resulting in the improvement of all equipment to encompass newest technological developments in the field of research.

Our team is provided with asurroundings that nurtures excellence and novelty which is most essential to develop compound and challenging first-time grouping products and also first-to-launch generic products in our center therapeutic segments. Our R&D center is fully prepared with modern amenities and technology for accessing orientation material, environmental monitoring, data collection & analysis, documentation keeping and archiving. Rather than focus on just in innovative process development, we continue to closely monitor the quality, safety and reliability of our generics, APIs and intermediates.